Evermore - Alyson Noel

Full Disclosure: This book was so unbelievably stupid that I am going through my shelves and adding a half star to all the books I previously rated one star. This is, bar none, the worst book I have ever read. If you disagree with my rating, don't read the rest of my review.

And there might be a few minor spoilers ahead.

This is literally the dumbest book I have ever read. I already had low expectations going in, seeing all the one star reviews, but I was morbidly curious about how it would turn out. The saying "Curiosity killed the cat" is true. Only replaced "the cat" with "my brain cells"

Reasons why reading Evermore will cause you to tear your hair out:

1. Damen. Some might find him romantic. I don't. I find him to be a piece of shit real annoying person. He does things that I find creepy. He follows Ever around. He pursues her when (at first, at least). she is uncomfortable with his presence. He reads her mind without her permission or knowledge. And loads of other things. The only thing slightly redeemable about him, is that he doesn't try and pressure her into having sex with him. 

2. Ever. She is SO annoying. She is dumb. She's always feeling sorry for herself. She treats her aunt Sabine with disrespect and takes advantage of her. She's boring too, with no hobbies, interests or convictions. She also takes her "psychic" abilities for granted. Um, so you can see ghosts, read people's thoughts and see their auras, and your first priority is your creepy boyfriend? Pathetic.

3. Haven. Haven annoyed me even more than Ever. She's a shallow bitch. And she treated her friends badly. I hated her. 

Basically every single character except for Drina pissed me off. It's sad when the only character I actually liked is the villain. I liked Drina. She was cool. 

4. The Ending. Drina tries to kill Ever for some reason. Damen comes to the rescue and Drina dies because of her "lack of love" and some shit about chakras. Give me a break. What the hell? How does that make any sense? And then Ever and Damen declare their undying love for each other and then I slammed the book shut and tossed it across the room. Ever and Damen know barely anything about each other. Insta-love alert!

I have to admit, things got a little interesting when Evangeline died. But then the ending was terrible. So, the few chapters that were interesting don't make up for the dullness of the rest of the book.


Sorry if my review isn't too specific. I'm trying to erase this book from my memory, so if you want to read a more in-depth review, look here , here , and here