The Iron King - Julie Kagawa

Everyone else on my GR friend list loved this. Why didn't I? 

I really was considering giving it three stars, because for the most part it was a pretty good read. There was nothing seriously wrong with The Iron King. It has decent writing, an awesome world of fey, and I loved Puck and Grimalkin.

But when I just cannot stand a main character, the book is not going to get a very high rating. I really did not like Meghan. She was not easy to sympathize with. She was so, so stupid at times. Basically anytime someone told her not to do something, she did it anyway. And by either someone else saving her or by pure luck, she survived. But I guess she could have been worse. She could have randomly fallen in love with some faery she met only a few weeks ago. A faery who happens to be the prince of the Winter Court, who is her father's enemy.

Oh that's right! She did.

Love triangles and insta-love both really annoy me. And this book had BOTH. Why?! Honestly, that ruined it for me. The love triangle wouldn't have even bothered me, if she ended up with Puck. Let's see; it's her best friend who has always been there for her vs. some random guy she met a few weeks ago. And she chooses the latter. Well, for now, at least. Hopefully she changes her mind later. 

Annoying main character + love triangle + insta-love = 2.5 stars. But everything else was good.