Rosebush - Michele Jaffe

I felt very conflicted about this book. I thought the beginning was brilliant. I loved the mystery, was dying to get to the end.

And then the end came. I honestly did not see it coming. But that's because it was really RANDOM. I'm not gonna lie, I really didn't like it. I just don't understand the person's motive, or rather, the lack of a motive. Am I supposed to believe that the person is just crazy? I don't get it.

I felt that toward the end, the author just kept introducing all these new suspects by making perfectly nice characters either really douchey or creepy. Take Scott, for instance. And David. And Ollie. They all seemed pretty decent at first, but then the author turned them into either a creep or an asshole. It was annoying. The author ruined these characters by making them totally unlikable. 

And the thing that annoyed me the most is how little Bonnie's death is included in the story. I was thinking that Bonnie's murder and Jane's near murder were by the same person, but then it had nothing to do with it. Bonnie's murder was never solved and I REALLY hope there is a sequel about that. I want some closure for Bonnie; I kinda liked her.

Jane herself I really liked, and I have to admit I LOVED Kate. I really wish there was more about Kate. She was a very interesting character.

Overall, it wasn't bad and I do recommend it, but I was hoping it would be amazing. And IMO, it just wasn't.