Keep Holding On - Susane Colasanti

This book needs to be read. By everyone. 

It's a very powerful and inspiring story about a girl name Noelle. Every day, Noelle lives in fear of being tormented. Nowhere is safe for her. Her only friend is Sherae, a girl who has problems of her own. But then Ali Walsh, another girl who suffered from bullying, commits suicide. Noelle decides to finally stand up for herself. 

This is not a fun story to read. My heart ached for Noelle, for Ali, for Sherae, and all the people who were bullied. But I like how both Noelle and Sherae both stood up to their tormentors in the end (Noelle's former friend Audrey and her friends bullied Noelle, while Sherae is being harassed by her ex-boyfriend who raped her). It's not easy to read, but it has to be read.

Bullying is still such a big problem in the US. That's why I believe books like Keep Holding On are so important to read.