Cold Spell - Jackson Pearce

I don't know what to think of Cold Spell. It wasn't terrible. I enjoyed it enough. But I didn't love it. 

Things I liked:
Mora (aka the Snow Queen): She was a very complex villain, and I actually wish there was more about her. I really liked the chapters from her perspective. 
The Travelers/Tinkers: The story got a lot more interesting when they were introduced. I love Flannery, she's a fun character.
The Writing : Jackson Pearce is a good writer
The story : For the most part, the story was interesting. The prologue was very intriguing, but the beginning was kinda slow. Things started to pick up once the Travelers were introduced, though. 

Things I didn't like:
Ginny She was such a boring character. There are so many interesting characters in this book; Mora, Flannery & the Tinkers, Dalia (who died before she was even developed as a character, but had a lot of potential), even Kai! But Ginny was sooooo boring. I did not like reading from her perspective

I'm pretty sure this is the last book in the Fairytale Retellings series. But I hope Jackson Pearce decides to write more, because I just feel that Cold Spell wasn't the best ending to this series. When I'm reading a series, I like it to have a very strong conclusion. .

Jackson Pearce's books are always hit or miss with me. I either love/like it (As You Wish, Sweetly) or I hate/really don't like it (Sisters Red, Fathomless). Cold Spell lies somewhere in the middle.

I do recommend Cold Spell. It was enjoyable enough. But I couldn't help but feel somewhat let down. But, if Jackson Pearce does write more books in this series, I will read them.