Scarlet - Marissa Meyer

Three stars for the beginning, two stars for the rest of the book.

Scarlet, the sequel to Cinder, was a major let-down compared to Cinder. I LOVED Cinder. I didn't like this book.

One of my main complaints is that I didn't like Scarlet. She was ok in the beginning, but I grew to hate her as the story progressed. She's too hot-headed. Too quick to fight. And she just... She doesn't think. She is dumb sometimes. She trusts Wolf, after he lies to her over and over and over again. She also is a huge crybaby, whining and crying ALL THE TIME!! Shut up, Scarlet! Nobody gives a shit! Her chapters also took time away from my favorite character, Cinder. Her (Cinder's) chapters were a LOT better, in my opinion. I also liked Thorne, and I was so relieved that Iko returned. 

Scarlet and Wolf's romance (if you can even call it that), comes out of NOWHERE. It just randomly pops up. It makes NO sense. There is no romantic tension, it's just one day they meet, and then all of a sudden they're kissing and declaring their undying love for each other. Is it insta-love? YES. Hell yes, and it annoyed me so much. 

Kai turned into an idiot too. He knows Queen Levana is going to kill him and take over Earth, and he agrees to marry her! I completely agreed with Cinder when she said it would be all Kai's fault. He is making a bad situation worse. Stop trying to appease Levana and fight back already! And then Scarlet blames Cinder for all the problems and it made me so mad. I hate Scarlet. She needs to shut up, and stop whining and sobbing and complaining. 

So, is this book a disappointment? Yes. A huge one. Am I going to read Cress? ... probably, because I want to see how this series ends.