You Have to Stop This - Pseudonymous Bosch

Summary: The final book of the Secret Series! When Cass, Max-Ernest, and Yo-Yoji's class goes to a local museum, they accidentally damage an old mummy and find themselves in a whole heap of trouble. Meanwhile, Cass is on an urgent mission to find the Secret before the evil alchemists of the Midnight Sun do. Can Cass, Max-Ernest, and Yo-Yoji find the Secret, replace the broken off finger of the mummy, and graduate the 8th grade in one piece? 

My thoughts: The last book of a favorite series can sometimes be disappointing, but this book was not a disappointment at all! This book has possibly one of the best endings ever! It leaves some things open to the interpretation by the reader, but it also wraps up the series pretty nicely. Overall a great conclusion to a great series!

The Secret Series:
The Name of This Book is Secret
If You're Reading This, It's Too Late
This Book is Not Good for You
This Isn't What It Looks Like
You Have to Stop This (this book)