This Isn't What It Looks Like - Pseudonymous Bosch, Gilbert Ford

Summary: In this fourth installment of the Secret Series, Cass is stuck in the Medieval Ages on a mission to find the Secret (having learned she was the Secret Keeper) while Max-Ernest is on a desperate mission to bring her back. Complications arise when Max-Ernest's parents begin acting strangely, and an old classmate comes back, suspiciously different. Can Max-Ernest save Cass? Or will Cass forever be stuck in the Middle Ages?

My thoughts (Note: This review is for the whole series):
I LOVE THE SECRET SERIES!!! The plot for each book is interesting and each one is different. The characters are all believable, relatable, and have distinct personalities. The Appendices at the end of each book were cool too, as they usually contained activities, games, and some information. So I loved this series, and you should give it a try. Pseudonymous Bosch also has a book called Write this Book; a Do-it Yourself mystery, which is a sort of guide for young writers on how to write a mystery. It's not completely related to the Secret Series (there are, however, some references to it in Write This Book), but I still recommend reading the Secret Series first. Happy reading!