Sea - Heidi R. Kling

I had trouble putting my finger on it, but I finally figured out why I didn't enjoy Sea. First of all, there were no mermaids. I was expecting some. Yes, that's my own fault for being stupid and not thoroughly reading the synopsis (which doesn't mention mermaids at all), but still. One can't help but expect mermaids, looking at that cover and all. But that was a trivial thing. 

No, the main reason I didn't like Sea was that many of the more important characters lacked common sense.

Ok, so the whole premise of the book never was really convincing. What parent brings their daughter with them to a foreign country after the girl's mother died in a plane crash near there? Without asking her before buying the plane tickets? Yes, relief work is very noble and admirable, but seriously? Just what kind of parents flies over the Indian Ocean with their fifteen year old daughter, when the mother died IN THAT SAME OCEAN only three years before?! That made me a tad angry, and so the book began on that note.

Secondly, what moron runs away with a boy she met only DAYS before in a foreign country after her father specifically told her NOT to leave?! Sienna, the protagonist, apparently. Even if she wasn't directly disobeying her father, it's still a stupid plan. There are too many things that could go wrong, and to risk everything for a boy you just met on the slim chance his father might be alive is beyond dumb. 

I did not like the ending. Plain and simple. If I'm reading a romance, I want the couple to end up together. I like happy endings. I do not like it when a girl risks everything for the boy, and he chooses another girl anyway. And then she goes home and ends up with a random guy that was absent for most of the book. A random guy whose name is Spider. I hate spiders. 

The only thing I did like about this book was that it took place in another country (Indonesia) and the author did a good job of including the culture and customs. 

It wasn't completely terrible, so 2.5 stars. It's good if you're merely looking for some light reading. Don't expect anything amazing (and don't expect mermaids. Haha :)