Lucid - Adrienne Stoltz, Ron Bass

Edit: gave this book another half star, for I finally found a a book I hated more than Lucid



Note: I was really angry when I wrote this review. If you loved this book, or dislike extreme cursing, I'd suggest not reading my review (more of a rant, actually). 

And be warned! This review will have spoilers. 

This book was one of the worst I have ever had the misfortune of reading. I hated Lucid.

Imagine everything that could go wrong in a YA book. Irritating, petty, shallow protagonist. Underdeveloped side characters. No explanation of why paranormal/fantasy/magical things occur. A confusing as fuck ending. A fucking love triangle. And slut shaming.

This book has all of those things DOUBLED.

Because we have two equally irritating MCs. Sloane was so wishy washy and changed her mind so often, and it was so annoying. MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND, WOMAN!! Maggie was ok at first and then the love interest (or one of them. Like I said, there is a love triangle. More on that later) was introduced. And Maggie starts obsessing over him, at one point spying on him and she gets all possessive when she seems him out with another girl (who turns out to be his sister-in-law). 

Maggie called that girl a skank. The author seems to be a big fan of that word. Every single girl that interacted with the love interest(s) is hated on by the MCs. They are called skanks, because they are pretty girls, and the protagonists are jealous morons. How am I supposed to like protagonists (not just one. There are FUCKING TWO OF THEM) who constantly slut-shames, who calls other girls skanks for no reason other than she is jealous of her. It is not Sloane or Maggie's place to judge other girls on what they are wearing, on their looks or on their relationships with boys. 

And like I said, there is a fucking love triangle. TWO LOVE TRIANGLES, in fact. Sloane and Maggie are just stringing these guys along, at one point Maggie kisses one boy while dating another. A girl's sexual activity and relationships are her own business, but practically dating two boys at once is not fair. To anyone.

The ending was so confusing. Who was real, Sloane or Maggie? Why were those dreams occurring in the first place? Who ended up not disappearing? I NEED ANSWERS!!!

In short, this book can go fuck itself. One star. I don't recommend.