Ingo (Ingo Adventures) - Helen Dunmore

Oh, Ingo. You had such potential. 

The first half was awesome. I liked Sapphire, and her close relationships with her mom, her dad and her brother. The world of Ingo was simply splendid. I devoured it. And the writing... Well it was nothing amazing but pretty decent.

And then... The first half ended. And slowly my rating went down, from 3.5 stars, to 3 stars, to 2 stars. 

Why didn't I like the second half as much? Well, Faro (one of the Mer people) annoyed the hell out of me. You can check out my status update for more information. He was a smug douche, to put it bluntly.

Also, Sapphire went to Ingo multiple times, and despite believing that her father was alive and in Ingo somewhere, she didn't ask about him? Seriously? I mean, I know this is the first in a series, but I would like some freaking closure, please. And a main character that is not whiny and immature. Yes, she was a nice character at first, but she got on my nerves more and more as the story progressed. 

Granny Carne. Seriously, why was she here? What role did her character play in the story? Maybe she gets more important in the later books?

Sadly, I won't be continuing this series. *sighs* 

Two stars. Read with caution.