Dreamland - Sarah Dessen Dreamland..... Another pretty good book by Sarah Dessen. Caitlin O'Koren felt lost and alone after her sister, Cassandra, ran away from home. Then she meets Rogerson Biscoe. Rogerson is your typical drug dealing bad boy. At first, the relationship is a good one. But Rogerson introduces Caitlin to drugs, she starts to neglect her schoolwork and cheerleading commitments and then Rogerson changes. He becomes abusive and cruel. He hits Caitlin. He gets mad at little things, like if she's late or if he gets jealous because she was talking to another guy and Rogerson hits Caitlin.

This is a pretty good book with a happy feeling and a sense of hope and new beginnings at the end. I have read two other books by Sarah Dessen; The Truth About Forever and Someone Like You. I enjoyed both. But I was really looking forward to Dreamland and was expecting it to be amazing.... And it wasn't. It was pretty good. But unfortunately, it does not make the "Amazing" shelf. But, I enjoyed it- it was a pretty decent YA novel- and hopefully in the future I will read more books by Sarah Dessen.