Honolulu & Oahu: Including Waikiki: A Great Destination

Honolulu & Oahu: Including Waikiki: A Great Destination - Stacy Pope This is a well-written, in-depth guide book about Oahu. There are 6 sections, one for each "region" of Oahu (Waikiki, Greater Honolulu, Windward Oahu, North Shore, Central Oahu and Leeward Oahu), and each section lists "things to see" (archeological and sacred sites, historic sites, museums and galleries), "things to do" (biking, surfing, kayaking, sailing, gardens and parks) hotels, restaurants, and stores in that region. Overall I loved this book and I highly recommend it to anyone who is planning a trip to Oahu- or anyone who isn't and just wants to read about Oahu and Hawaii, like I did. There is a section in the beginning about the general history of Hawaii, and at the back of the book, in the "information" chapter, there is a list of books recommended by the author to read. Bottom line: this is an awesome book.