Firestar's Quest

Firestar's Quest - Erin Hunter This is one of the many "Warriors: Super Edition" books. I love the Warriors and Warriors: New Prophecy series (I didn't really like the Warriors: Power of Three or Warriors: Omen of the Stars series. I just started Warriors: Dawn of the Clans series and I liked the first book. But moving on.......), so I decided to read some of the Super edition books. This was the first I read, and it is really good. So this takes place in between Warriors; The Darkest Hour and Warriors: New Prophecy; Midnight, and Firestar has been leader for a few moons. Things are going well, and then Firestar starts to have strange dreams: about cats fleeing someplace, and he sees a grey and white cat in his dreams. Then he discovers a shocking secret: there was once a fifth clan- SkyClan! The ancient leader of SkyClan (the grey and white cat Firestar saw in his dreams) wants Firestar to rebuild SkyClan. But how? So Firestar and Sandstorm set off on a quest to rebuild the lost clan. This was a very interesting read and I really enjoyed it. The ending was really surprising, and I totally wasn't expecting it. I highly recommend this book to Warriors fans. If you are new to the Warriors series, I suggest you read the original Warriors series, next this book, and then the Warriors: New Prophecy if you're up for it. Four stars.