SkyClan's Destiny (Warriors Super Edition)

SkyClan's Destiny (Warriors Super Edition) - Erin Hunter I read Firestar's Quest and really enjoyed it, so when I saw this, I was thrilled. When I finished, I was kind of disappointed. This was not as good as Firestar's Quest. It just seemed to drag on and on forever. The worst was that the flashbacks told from Stick's point of view were so confusing! And the end was sad, how Red, Stick's daughter, died and Leafstar found out that those cats had used SkyClan. SharpClaw annoyed the heck out of me, undermining Leafstar as much as he did! Sure, at the end he reveals his "good intentions" but I thought that it was a lame excuse. Also, the fact that the romance between Leafstar and Billystorm was only slightly hinted at kind of annoyed me. Oh well. Overall, I was kind of disappointed by this one, enough to only give it two stars instead of three.