Crookedstar's Promise

Crookedstar's Promise - Erin Hunter Another great Warriors: Super Edition book. This one of the rare books that take place outside of ThunderClan. We travel to RiverClan to meet Stormkit, who later becomes Crookedstar. Stormkit and his brother Oakkit are two, healthy kits and their mother, Rainflower, is really happy. Then tragedy strikes, leaving Stormkit disfigured. Rainflower renames him Crookedkit and practically disowns him. My heart aches for Crookedstar every time I read this. He suffered so much! He lost loved ones and felt alone and his life was hard. But it ends happy. It takes place in RiverClan around the same time as Bluestar's Prophecy. It covers Crookedstar's life- from when he was a kit from a little after Silverkit (his daughter, later becomes Silverstream) was born. Overall, I highly recommend this book to all Warriors fans.