Periwinkle and the Cave of Courage

Periwinkle and the Cave of Courage - J.H. Sweet, Holly Sierra The Fairy Chronicles is kind of like the "Rainbow Magic" series (by Daisy Meadows) for the older readers. The Fairy Chronicles are more complex- I recommend these books for kids who read the "Rainbow Magic" series when they were younger, but still like reading about fairies. This is technically a series, but I read two books- they were out of order- and there was nothing I didn't understand. The author does a good job of bringing new readers up to date so even if they hadn't read the previous books, everything still makes sense.

In this particular adventure, the courage of humanity is starting to fail, as it does every hundred years. All kinds magical creatures have to team up to restore the Cave of Courage. This century, Mother Nature has chosen a dwarf, a gnome, a leprechaun, a troll, two brownies (brownies are kind of like the male version of fairies. All the fairies are girls) and four fairies to restore the cave. They all have to rely on each other and learn teamwork and courage.

I'd say that this is a pretty decent fantasy series for the older readers. I recommend to readers ages 8 and up.