Almost Home

Almost Home - Barbara Freethy This book was ok. It had the potential to be an interesting, compelling romance novel with an aspect of mystery, but it was lacking. It was a pretty good romance novel, I guess, but I just didn't think it was all that great.

Here's why; the protagonist, Katherine, kind of annoyed me. She came across as naive and a little irritating. She is on a search for her father, because her mother never told her who he was before she died when Katherine was twelve. Katherine immediately assumes that her father will be a good man and will want a relationship with her, but she never considers the idea of her father being married and having another family. Seriously, it doesn't occur to her that he might not want to get to know her. Although in the end, he is a good guy but still. Katherine's determination to know her father's identity is somewhat admirable, but she was just so naive and it annoyed me sometimes.

Another thing that didn't make sense is this; most of the male characters in this book are around the right age to be Katherine's father and their first initial is J. (The book opens with Katherine reading a letter that her mother wrote addressed to someone named "J").

So I guess this is an ok book. But Katherine annoyed me, it seemed too convenient that most of the male characters could be Katherine's father and the romance between Katherine and Zach felt a little rushed. It wasn't all bad, but I probably would not read this again.