Heist Society

Heist Society - Ally Carter I really didn't enjoy this book all that much. I felt like it was kind of dragging along, and the writing made it kind of boring. It was ok, I guess, but just not for me. I think it would have made a little more sense if the story was told in first-person from Katarina's point of view. Because it would have been easier, in my opinion, to fit in all the backstory and flashbacks if the audience could read her thoughts. Another thing was I think it could have been more realistic if Kat and Hale were older- like in their 20s, or at least 18 and 19. One last thing I found confusing was how they travelled from place to place so fast! It's like one minute, they're in New York, the next Paris and then London! I found it hard to keep up with where they were. So overall, I guess this book wasn't bad. It just wasn't for me.