Redwall  - Brian Jacques, Gary Chalk This review is for all the Redwall books I’ve read (up to Mariel of Redwall so far) in general. After hearing a lot of good stuff about these books, I decided to give them a try. They weren't all bad. I liked Redwall and Mossflower the most, Mattimeo a little less. I really didn’t like Mariel of Redwall all that much.

The things I liked:
First of all, the story premise was interesting. I thought it was a cool idea; a bunch of woodland creatures living in a peaceful abbey. It was creative, unique, different…Another thing- a trivial thing- was the descriptions. The descriptions of food I especially liked. But it made me hungry.

And now to the bad:
After reading Mariel of Redwall, I realized the plots of these four books were all very similar and can be summed up like this: Evil army of “vermin” (rats, weasels, ferrets, foxes and stoats. And this is another thing that annoyed me. The bad guys and the good guys were always the same species of animals. It started to seriously annoy me, how there was never a good rat, or an evil squirrel or something like that) with a leader that has a weird name threatens the abbey. The abbey, even though they are supposedly peaceable creatures, creams the other team in battle and then all (or most of) the bad guys are killed. I really think the author could have made more variety in the story lines. Another thing that annoyed me was the fact that the good guys always had the upper hand. At one time while reading these books, I actually kind of started feeling sorry for the bad guys because they had absolutely no chance of winning. There were never any pitfalls for the good guys, no tragic losses, no nothing. The bad guys never got any surprising victories. And the plots were flat because of this. One more thing: If you read the books of this series in publication order, you will notice that the events do not occur in chronological order. For instance, the events in Mossflower come before Redwall, the events in Mattimeo come after both Mossflower and Redwall and the events in Mariel of Redwall occur sometime in between Mossflower and Redwall. This, I thought, was super annoying.

So, there were a lot of things I didn’t like. But I’m going to give the series one last chance. I am going to read the next book, Salamandastron, and see if this next book changes my mind.