Salamandastron  - Brian Jacques, Gary Chalk Ok, this book changed my mind about the Redwall series. I was complaining about how the plots were all the same. Salamandastron’s plot was so different and new- it was refreshing. This book is about several people (or animals I should say); Mara and Pikkle from Salamandastron, and Samkim and Arula from Redwall abbey. This book is so much better than the previous books. The characters are more realistic, complex, and far more likable too. There are many themes in this book- family, friendship, bravery, doing what’s right, etc. A few things I did not like: First, I do not understand why Brian Jacques mentioned the character Klitch in the synopsis, because he is a bad guy!! He isn't even a bad guy that turns good! He is a villain to the end, where he drinks some barrels of water that Farran the poisoner (you guessed it ;) poisoned and dies. He was not worth mentioning, or even existing, because he played no vital role in the story. Another thing I didn't like was that Mara and Urthstripe never got to resolve their argument before he dies at the end where Ferahgo killed him. But other than those little glitches, it was a good book. I will definitely read the next book, Martin the Warrior.