Martin the Warrior

Martin the Warrior  - Brian Jacques, Gary Chalk Of all the Redwall books, this is one of my favorites. I LOVED this book. It tells the story of Martin the Warrior, and how he came to be, well, a warrior. He had a very rough childhood, but he stayed strong. The story is that when his father left on a quest, he was captured by this evil tyrant named Badrang and was used as a slave. He eventually escapes, meets some new friends and vows revenge on Badrang. I like how the ending was more emotionally satisfying to the audience, because Martin and his fellow slaves suffered so much at the hands of Badrang, and they lost many friends along the way, so when they won, it was awesome!! The events in this book take place before the events in Mossflower. This is a brilliant book. Read this if you liked Mossflower and want to hear more about Martin.