The Bellmaker

The Bellmaker - Brian Jacques Although I did not like Mariel of Redwall at all, I decided to give The Bellmaker a chance. I enjoyed it a lot more than I did Mariel of Redwall. I love the characters Rufe Brush, Abbot Saxtus, and Finnbarr Galedeep. This book is a lot more interesting than Mariel of Redwall because there is more going on, more excitement and the fact that there are some new characters is pretty cool. Finnbarr Galedeep is awesome! The fact that there are two villains- Urgan Nagru and Silvamord- makes the story more….(how do I put this?)…exciting, I guess. The only thing that is putting me off is the fact that Urgan Nagru has two names (he is also called Foxwolf). When I was reading the synopsis of the story, I thought that there were three villains, and Foxwolf/ Urgan Nagru were two different characters. I was obviously wrong. Anyway, this is the only Redwall book I have read so far (and the only book in the series too, I’ve heard) that has a good rat. Most rats are bad guys in these books, but Blaggut was a good guy. I didn’t like that he had to leave the abbey though. I mean, technically he could have stayed at the abbey, but he made himself go. I hated that the tragic death of Mother Mellus forced him into self-exile. He was a promising character. Shame. Anyway, at the part where the final battle- Foxwolf and his forces vs. Finnbarr, his crew, and Mariel and Dandin and their gang, I liked that some characters (even though they were really nice!!) died because it gave the story more depth. And it made the victory at the end so much sweeter. Usually I hate it when important and good characters die, but in The Bellmaker, I did not mind it so much. I don’t know why. The ending was great and it did not end on a cliffhanger, it ended very nicely and left the reader with a sense of closure. So read it! Redwall!!!!!!!!!!