Into the Wild

Into the Wild - Erin Hunter, Erin Hunter

This is for the all of the Warriors books (not New Prophecy or Power of Three or Omen of the Stars- just the first and original series) 

These books were amazing. Nowadays it is very hard for me to find a book that I absolutely love. The Warriors series was able to hook me and bring me into the story. These books are about a housecat named Rusty who joins one of the four warrior clans living in the forest, Thunderclan. He makes some new friends, but is faced with a lot of prejudice because of his “kittypet”, as the clans put it, roots. The plots were very interesting and had twists and turns that kept me interested in the story. If you like fantasy, action and adventure, romance, stories about treachery and loyalty, and proving yourself, the Warriors series is for you. A note to parents: there are a few bloody fight scenes (not just in this book, but in the whole series), so I recommend to ages 11 and up. 

(Original Series)
Warriors 1: Into the Wild
Warriors 2: Fire and Ice
Warriors 3: Forest of Secrets
Warriors 4: Rising Storm
Warriors 5: A Dangerous Path
Warriors 6: The Darkest Hour

Warriors Super Edition: Firestar's Quest (takes place in between warriors original series and warriors: new prophecy)
Warriors Super Edition: Bluestar's Prophecy (prequel told from Bluestar's perspective).

See my review of Warriors: New Prophecy for the list of books in that series.