Midnight - Erin Hunter This is for the whole Warriors New Prophecy series.

I have read the previous warriors series and it was great. I had high expectations for this series. I was not disappointed.
These books revolve around several characters: Brambleclaw (mentioned in the previous series as Bramblekit and Bramblepaw), Leafpaw and Squirrelpaw (Firestar’s daughters). There are other key characters, like Stormfur and Tawnypelt, but the story is mostly told from these three cats’ perspectives. The storyline is that 4 cats, one from each clan, have a dream; foretelling of doom and destruction, unless they can “listen to what midnight tells them”. So the cats who had the dream and some others, leave on a journey to find “midnight”. This series was a little more interesting, because there were some cliffhangers and a lot of twists and turns in the plot. I would have given this series 5 stars save for one thing: I really did not like how was how the clans were forced to leave their homes!! Why??? The fact that their old home, the home the clans have lived in for years and years, was destroyed by Twolegs was just sad- and unrealistic to a point- to me. In real life, they probably would have not destroyed the woods because there are so many farms nearby, and those farmers, not to mention all the environmentalists, would have protested. But that’s just me. I also really did not like Squirrelpaw’s character. I really liked Brambleclaw, so the fact that she got mad at him for hanging out with his half-brother (even I didn’t really like Hawkfrost either) enraged me. Squirrelpaw was a total control freak and there is no way that Brambleclaw would have fallen in love with her, but of course, he did. And another thing I found unrealistic was how fast Crowpaw and Leafpaw fell in love so fast. There is no way that Crowpaw would have gotten over Feathertail that quickly. If he was so in love with her, then why would he run away with Leafpaw only a short time later? Ok, so there were a few things that annoyed me, but I do like this series. Read it if you read the original Warriors series and liked it.

(Warriors New Prophecy)
Warriors: New Prophecy 1: Midnight
Warriors: New Prophecy 2: Moonrise
Warriors: New Prophecy 3: Dawn
Warriors: New Prophecy 4: Starlight
Warriors: New Prophecy 5: Twilight
Warriors: New Prophecy 6: Sunset

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