Someone Like You

Someone Like You - Sarah Dessen This is the first book that I have ever read by Sarah Dessen. It won't be the last. I really liked this book. Halley's best friend Scarlett really needs her- Scarlett's boyfriend Michael has just been killed in a motorcycle accident, and she just found out she's pregnant with his baby. Halley is such a great friend. She was always there for Scarlett and I really admired that about her. While Halley is taking care of Scarlett during this tough time, Halley develops a crush on Macon, Michael's best friend. They start dating. But Halley's mom disapproves of him. Although she was kind of annoying, the kind of parent that was really strict and controlling, I think Halley's mom was right about Macon. He was not the right guy for her. He kept pressuring her to do things that she didn't really want to do (if you know what I mean). When driving home from a party, Macon and Halley get into an argument and then Macon crashes the car. Halley breaks up with him after that. And then it's prom. Since Scarlett really wants her to go to the prom with her, and since she's no longer dating Macon, Halley is kind of forced to go with Noah, her ex-boyfriend. At the prom, Noah gets drunk and rips Halley's dress. So she goes to the bathroom and fixes it and when she comes out, Scarlett is going into labor. Macon gives them a ride to the hospital. Scarlett gives birth to a healthy baby girl and names her Grace Halley. The story ends with a feeling of hope and joy as Halley walked home. This was a really enjoyable story and I recommend it to all teenage girls. I'm going to read The Truth About Forever next, another book by Sarah Dessen.