The Arm of the Starfish

The Arm of the Starfish - Madeleine L'Engle Edit on 5/16/14- The more I think about this book, the less I liked it. So I am re-writing my review and detracting a star from my rating.

Summary; Adam Eddington is a marine biologist. He is going to spend the summer working for the famous Dr. O'Keefe. Then he meets Kali Cutter and is sucked into a mysterious situation. Other people want to get Dr. O'Keefe's files on his experiments, which involve the regeneration of starfish limbs. They want to use the technique of regenerating nerve rings on other animals- including people- to make money.

My thoughts: A Wrinkle In Time was an amazing book. Arm of the Star Fish is not bad, per se, but it was nowhere near as good as A Wrinkle In Time (at least, In my opinion). Adam was a bland person and I felt no connection with him whatsoever. Kali was a stereotypical "femme fatale" and so irritating. Polly, Meg and Calvin's daughter, also irked me (though I can't quite remember why).

Maybe a re-read is in order? I read this last June and I don't remember a lot, just the things that irritated me.

Three stars. I may re-read soon.