Wrush: The Secret Worlds Of Tabetha Bright

Wrush: The Secret Worlds Of Tabetha Bright - The Karakul, Karakul This is the story of Tabetha Bright, an eight-year-old girl. Confined in a wheelchair, Tabetha spends her days in a dreary, boring hospital. The story begins on Tabetha's birthday. She can't go home and is lonely, but she tries to be happy. She focuses on writing her story. Tabetha is a writer. Then, she sees a box. In the box is a pen. Tabetha starts writing with the pen, only to find whatever she writes becomes real! The pen is sort of a magic portal to the world of Wrush. In Wrush, she meets a creature named Mungling. He tells her that the kingdom of Wrush has long awaited for their true Empress to arrive and save them for the villainous sorcerer, Morlac. Tabetha finds that she is the Empress! With the help of Mungling and The High Wizard of Wrush, who later becomes her friend, Tabetha must save Wrush. This was a pretty decent read, it was really creative and original. It's not one of my favorites, so I will only give it three stars. But it was still a good book; creative, interesting and a fun read.