Walk Two Moons

Walk Two Moons - Sharon Creech I read Walk Two Moons in 7th grade English and I loved it! Sal's character is so real and relatable and she is just an awesome protagonist. Phoebe, in my opinion, is kind of annoying because she was very judgmental about Mrs. Cadaver, even though she hardly knew her! But Phoebe was the only character that I disliked (and in the end, Phoebe wasn't as annoying as I initially thought). I adored Sal and her grandparents were amazing characters too. Besides Sal, my favorite character is Gram. It's really sad that

(******spoiler alert**********)

Gram died at the end. But I guess it made the story more emotional. Overall, I highly recommend this book because I loved it. Walk Two Moons is an amazing book, and Sharon Creech is a brilliant writer.