Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli This book is really good. When Stargirl first arrives at Mica High, everyone is shocked. She is so different from them- she is unique, original, strange, unorthodox, eccentric..... She is different. The story is narrated by Leo, one of the students at Mica High. They start to hang out and become friends. The students used to like Stargirl, but one day, everyone starts to hate her (something she did made them dislike her, but I can't remember what it was....). At the school dance at the end, One of the popular girls get really mad at Stargirl and slaps her. Instead of retaliating, Stargirl leaves and she moves away. The students never see her again.
This book had some really good themes: being yourself, kindness, compassion, standing against peer pressure. I really appreciated that. Overall, I liked everything except the fact that Stargirl left and moved away at the end. I felt like she was just giving up. It made me sad, and angry too. I also got mad at Leo for not defending Stargirl. He was afraid of being an Outcast, but She was his friend And he should have defended her. But he didn't. That alone made me angry enough not to give this book four stars. But I still recommend it because it was a really good book and had good themes.