Best Friends and Drama Queens

Best Friends and Drama Queens - Meg Cabot This was an interesting book. I didn't read the other two books, but there was nothing I didn't understand. I liked all of the characters, except for Cheyenne. She was really annoying! Cheyenne was kind of a hypocrite telling some people (like Allie and her friends) that they were immature when she was the one being immature. But that made Cheyenne a good antagonist, I guess. This book is probably better for younger kids (like ages 9-11), because I was 10 when I first read this and now I recently re-read it and its too easy for me now. I guess older kids might enjoy this book, but I'm recommending it for younger kids because the writing might be too easy for kids my age and older (13 years and older). I enjoyed it, but it wasn't like one of my favorites or anything. Three stars.