The Murder at the Vicarage

The Murder at the Vicarage  - Agatha Christie This was the first Agatha Christie book I have ever read and I am very impressed. I will definitely read more by Agatha Christie in the future.

The beginning was a bit slow, but it became more interesting as the story progressed. And the ending! Agatha Christie was a genius! I can't say anymore without giving the ending away, but I will say it was so surprising and I was totally not expecting it! I never would have guessed who killed Colonel Protheroe.
About the writing itself: The language was a bit dated and some characters made remarks that I felt were sexist, but it was published in 1930, so I guess that was the norm back then.

Whether you are new to Agatha Christie's work or are a fan, I recommend Murder at the Vicarage. It was just so amazing and well-written. Agatha Christie truly is the Queen of Mystery.