All the Lovely Bad Ones

All the Lovely Bad Ones - Mary Downing Hahn All the Lovely Bad Ones was actually a good book. It pleasantly surprised me. Travis and Cory go to their grandma's home- which happens to be the inn she owns- for the summer. They hear stories of how the inn is supposedly haunted so they play pranks on the guests, making them believe the inn really is haunted. In doing so, they woke up the real ghosts. Travis and Cory learn that the inn used to a poorhouse run by the evil Miss Ada and her brother. Ada was in charge of disciplining the children and the ghosts of children who died there want Travis and Cory to "put them back to sleep" or put their souls at rest. Eventually they do, and Ada is defeated. (The scene where Ada is carried away by the mysterious man boggled my mind for the longest time. I had no idea what that was all about. In the end, I just assumed she was being taken to hell, and the children spirits go to heaven). The first half is kind of scary. Then Travis and Cory meet the Caleb, Ira, Seth and the Shadow Children. It turns out they are not bad, just mischievous little pranksters. Miss Ada scared the crap out of me, though. It would have been more scary if it was her spirit and her brother's spirit, but she still gave me goosebumps. The other characters were not very interesting, except for the cook lady and her husband (can't remember what their names are). The ending was good. I have little interest in ghost stories, but this one was actually really good. I only gave it three stars, though, because its not one of my favorites, so I don't want to give it four stars. Overall, I enjoyed this story. Are there any other Mary Downing Hahn books I should read???