Battle of the Bunheads

Battle of the Bunheads - Jahnna N. Malcolm Ok, so this was a present a few years ago and I remembered really disliking it, but since it was a while ago, I decided to re-read it. At page 17, everything I hate about this book all comes back to me.

What I actually like about this book:
Zan, Mary, Rocky, and McGee were all very likeable characters. So, I used to think that Gwen was kind of whiny, mainly because of the bra shopping incident. But after recently getting embarrassed by my grandma in a department store while shopping for bras/underwear, I now understand her pain. And I don't think she overreacted in that instance. In some instances, she was kind of annoying, but now I sort of understand her. Hi Lo (the Asian man who runs the cafe by their dance school) is also a nice character.

And what I dislike:
The antagonists are the snobby, mean girls who look down on our protagonists because they aren't as serious about ballet. But they (the mean girls) are given no character development. They are mean. Why? They just are. And in the first book (which I haven't read but events from that book are mentioned here) they were just as mean. You know what would make more sense? If the protagonists were great dancers and the antagonists were jealous. But apparently Mary and her friends all hate dance and they are just there to hang out with each other. First of all, it doesn't make sense to constantly torment someone just because you like dance and they don't. Just don't hang out with them, for goodness sakes!
And also, when was this book written? Couldn't Mary, Rocky, Gwen, Zan, and McGee have called, texted, or emailed each other instead of having their parents waste money on something they don't even want to do in the first place? It doesn't seem likely.

So I guess this book would be ok for younger girls who wouldn't have noticed or cared about all the things I disliked. I recommend this book to girls 8-10 years old, but anyone older than that will probably not enjoy this book as much.