Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life - Laura Park, Chris Tebbetts, James Patterson So basically its about a kid named Rafe who was entering middle school and he decides to play a "game" where he attempts to break all the rules. See, it even sounds stupid right?? But it was a present from my grandma (two years ago, when I was first going into middle school) so I read it. Eh. This book was ok. All the characters except Rafe, Leo and the mom annoyed me. The bully was annoying, the stepdad, I thought was annoying too and not only that- WHAT was his purpose in the story??? At the end, where the girl he had a crush on (what was her name again?) tells him that he's might have to repeat 6th grade, Rafe's thoughts were "I felt like I had just been blindsided by an aircraft carrier. And who doesn't see an aircraft carrier coming?" I agree Rafe, I agree. HOW COULD YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE POSSIBILITY OF BEING HELD BACK OR BEING EXPELLED?!?!?!?! At that point, I was not sure if Rafe has "problems" or if he was merely stupid. This is not something I would recommend to kids going into middle school, if they are looking for advice for middle school. Unless I gave it to them and said "hey! Here's a book you might want to read. Think of it as how NOT to act in middle school!" It's kind of funny (although I was mostly laughing AT Rafe, not WITH him- yes, there is a difference), and the book wasn't completely terrible. I just wouldn't recommend it to anyone else.