Alanna: The First Adventure

Alanna: The First Adventure - Tamora Pierce Although Alanna; The First Adventure was a fairly decent middle-grade fantasy novel, there were lots of things that could have been better.

I honestly felt that Alanna's character was just...... Bland. Boring. She pretty much had no personality, except that she wants to be a knight and to prove she's just as good as the guys. Alanna was boring. And she was not proud of being a girl, which made me annoyed almost angry. At one point, she says: "It's not fair! I didn't ask to be born a girl". Are you kidding me??? She should embrace the fact that she's a girl and be proud of it, not ashamed! Seriously?! That angered me so much. Grrr!!! Anyway, my point is: Alanna's personality- well, that's the point. She doesn't have one. And as for the other characters, none of them felt very fleshed-out or real either. Only Jonathan, Myles, George and Coram really stuck out, and even then they still felt like mere characters and not truly real. Well, I guess they really are characters, but I would like to at least feel like they're actually people. All of Alanna's squire friends were all kind of interchangeable to me. I just didn't connect with any of them.

My other major complaint was the world-building. I had some trouble picturing some scenes and I would have liked to see more of Tortall- more depth, to make it actually feel like a place, a world. The world-building was very simple. I only had a vague sense of the magic system, the gods/religion of the people, and the actual setting of Tortall.

But I know this is the first book in a quartet, so I'm not too annoyed. Despite my complaints, this was a pretty enjoyable read and I plan on continuing with the series. I just hope that Alanna's character- as well as the other characters- become more complex and that the world of Tortall starts to feel more real to me as the series progresses. Hopefully all of these things are in In the Hand of the Goddess, as well as the other two books.