The Year of the Dog (A Pacy Lin Novel)

The Year of the Dog (A Pacy Lin Novel) - Grace Lin Pacy Lin is celebrating the Chinese Year of the Dog with her family. She learns that this is the year to "find herself". Pacy, known at school as Grace, meets Melody, another Taiwanese/Chinese girl like her. They soon become best friends. Meanwhile, Pacy spends the year trying to find herself. She enters the science fair with Melody, but they don't win. She auditions for the school play (The Wizard of Oz) and wants to be Dorothy, but is only cast as a munchkin. Finally, she finds her true talent when she enters a contest to write and illustrate a book. She wins fourth place, and wins four hundred dollars! As the year ends, Pacy has finally found her true talent. This book is actually based on the author's childhood experiences. Anyway, I really liked this book. I actually read this a few years ago, when I was in fourth grade, but I never got around to writing a review for it until now. This was a really enjoyable book and I recommend it. The sequel is Year of the Rat.