Ruby Red

Ruby Red - Kerstin Gier In Gwyneth Shepard's family, a time-traveling gene is passed through the female descendants. Gwen, along with the rest of her family, thought it was her cousin Charlotte who has the gene in this generation, but it turned out to be in Gwen! Gwen now has to work out why her mother would lie about her birth date to try and hide her ability, and she also has to work with Gideon de Villers, the time-traveler from the other family that passes its gene through the male bloodline. Gwen is the Ruby, the final member of a secret time-traveling organization called the Circle of Twelve. A machine called the chronograph stores a sample of blood from each member and is what helps them to travel through time. Lucy Montrose and Paul de Villers stole the original chronograph because they didn't want the Circle to close. When the Circle closes, it reveals a huge secret- and Lucy and Paul didn't want that to happen. Gwen has to figure out who to trust- Gideon, and the other members of the Circle or Lucy and Paul.

This is a wonderfully original and well-written YA novel. I really enjoyed it. The story idea was so cool and original. And the writing itself- pacing, characterization, etc- that was all well-done. Overall, Ruby Red is an awesome book!! I am totally going to read Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green- the next two books in the trilogy.