Ruby the Red Fairy

Ruby the Red Fairy - Georgie Ripper, Daisy Meadows If I had reviewed this book, or their sequels (there are a lot of other Fairy series- like the Weather series, the Pet keepers series, etc.- by this author and I'll get to those later) when I first read them (when I was seven or eight) I might have given them four stars. But since I'm older now, I will only give them three stars. The premise is cute; two girls named Rachael and Kristy and their families are on vacation on this island. The two girls find a fairy named Ruby and Ruby tells them that she and her sisters, the other Rainbow fairies, were stolen out of Fairyland by the evil Jack Frost and his minions or whatever. Without the Rainbow fairies, Fairyland is doomed to be a colorless, dull, sad place. So Rachael and Kristy and Ruby's mission throughout the books are to find the six other Rainbow fairies and save Fairyland. It's a pretty cute series, but VERY simple and I suggest these books (and only the Rainbow series- I'll explain why soon) to only younger children, ages 5-8. And I only suggest the Rainbow series, and not any other of the Fairy books, because THERE ARE SO MANY! There is the Weather Fairies series, the Pet Keepers series, and some other ones. Plus some stand-alone books, like Holly the Christmas Fairy. In short, I only recommend for really young readers and only the Rainbow series, unless you are willing to buy all the books. Also, I suggest you buy the box set of the series (like my mom did when I was younger) because the books are really short and this is one of those series that once you read the first book, you are dying to read the sequels. Here is a list of the sequels (for the Rainbow series only) in order:

Amber the Orange Fairy
Sunny the Yellow Fairy
Fern the Green Fairy
Sky the Blue Fairy
Inky the Indigo Fairy
Heather the Violet Fairy