Dolphin in the Deep

Dolphin in the Deep - Ben M. Baglio Recently I've been rediscovering books that I read when I was younger. And the Animal Ark series is one of them. Mandy's parents are veterinarians and animal-lovers, so she spends a lot of time with animals. She and her best friend James rescue lots of stray dogs and cats, as well as helping some wild animals. This is one occasion where she helps out animals outside of her parents' veterinary center. Bob and Bing are two dolphins at an animal park and they are practically best friends. But when Bob dies, it is up to Mandy and a new friend named Joel to help Bing get through this new-found depression. Speaking for all the books in the series I've read, it is pretty good and I really like how the author is teaching readers through his books to respect animals. Awesome message. But for the books themselves, I would only rate it three stars. Even though it's a series, you can read the books out of order and everything would still make sense. Each book is sort of a stand-alone adventure, but sometimes events from a previous book might be mentioned. Overall, fairly decent book and since I loved these books when I was in third grade and they carry childhood memories, I give it three stars and not two.