Legend - Marie Lu I was slightly disappointed by this one. Don't get me wrong, Legend was a good book and I very much enjoyed it. But I was expecting to love it, to be able to gush about how great it is. I only came off with a sort of mild liking toward it.

Legend has all the elements of a good book. Good characters, great writing, a good storyline and an amazingly cool setting. But a few things were missing, preventing me from being able to give it more than three stars.

First of all, Day and June, although I really liked both characters, sound way too similar. The only way you could tell the difference is Day's use of the word "cousin" (which is consistent in the beginning but in the second half he stops using it. Which is weird) and the different colored ink for each perspective. Day's is in gold ink and June's is in black. I liked Day's chapters more than June's so maybe it would have been better if it just had been told from Day's POV. Second complaint; I didn't really liked the love triangle between June, Thomas and Day. I mean, it was obvious that June and Day were going to fall in love, why add Thomas in? Thomas came off as annoying and sometimes cold and heartless. I didn't like him at all.

But I did like much of Legend. I liked Day. I liked the sibling relationship between June and Metias. I thought the romance between June and Day was a bit rushed, I mean they kissed when they barely knew each other. I hope their love will become more developed in the sequels.

I enjoyed Legend, and although I didn't love it, I will definitely read Prodigy, the sequel.