As You Wish

As You Wish - Jackson Pearce Out of all the Jackson Pearce books I've read (Purity, Sisters Red and Sweetly. And obviously this book), I think this is my favorite.

I love Jinn. He's funny, he's sweet and kind and he is so awesome. But he has flaws that make him more real, more relatable. He makes mistakes, but he learns from them and even though he is not perfect, I love him. I wish that he has his own book. He's so awesome.

I didn't like Viola quite as much. In the beginning, she seemed alright, but she grew progressively more whiny and irritating. Page 148- she and Lawrence, her BFF/ex-boyfriend get into an argument. I don't want to spoil it, but I completely agree with Lawrence. Viola was irritating.

Jackson Pearce's writing is good. In Sweetly and Purity, it was ok. In Sisters Red it was mediocre and not quite so good. I think in As You Wish her writing is at it's best. It's engaging, it paints a lovely picture of the setting and what's going on without being flowery or overly descriptive and it is just addictive. I love it.

All in all, I really liked this book. I may even have a new favorite. Four stars.