Sapphire Blue (Precious Stone Trilogy, #2)

Sapphire Blue (Precious Stone Trilogy, #2) - Kerstin Gier Sapphire Blue was so disappointing compared to Ruby Red. This book has some of the worst characters I've ever read about.

The main reason I was so disappointed in this book was that Gwen was pathetic and weak and she let the asshole known as Gideon treat her like trash. Gideon was a jerk. A patronizing, condescending, pretentious jerk-ass. He was so mean to poor Gwen! He acted as if he knew better than Gwen ALL THE TIME, he talked down on her, and overall, he treated her with extreme disrespect. I hate Gideon, and I was so, so hoping Gwen would grow a backbone and tell Gideon not to be an ass. But she didn't. In fact, the only times Gideon was nice to her was when they were making out. Every other time, he would treat her like she was inferior to him, and it infuriated me and made me want to smack Gideon. Bottom line: he acted like an ass, and she let him. NEVER, not ONCE in this whole book did Gwen stand up for herself!! Ever!! Gwen, please grow a backbone!! And the declaration of "love" at the end was the stupidest thing I have ever read. Gwen and Gideon have known each other for a week, yes ONE WEEK and he's claiming he's in love with her, and then he disrespects her and makes her feel inferior. NO. Just no.

Everyone in the Circle acted as if Gwen was stupid and she let them! (especially Charlotte. Oh, that girl! What is wrong with her? I get that she's jealous of Gwen for being the Ruby, but she's always trying to get Gwen in trouble! Her COUSIN!! Gah!!). It was almost painful to read, I was so angry at everyone. All of them (except Madame Rossini and Mr. George) came across as arrogant and just plain annoying. To me, at least.

The first book had a few aspects of romance in it, but focused mostly on the time-traveling. Sapphire Blue was very different, in that respect. The main action is Gwen and Gideon's pathetic love affair and it was so annoying. Where's the time-traveling?! And yes, they go back in time to random time periods to do random things, but how is that connected with Lucy and Paul and the Chronograph thing? It's not. Nothing of interest happens in Sapphire Blue.

The only characters I liked and did not annoy me once while reading this were Lesley and Xemerius. A round of applause for the only two characters who were not irritating at all! Well, I did like Madame Rossini and Mr. George (only Madame Rossini calling Gwen her "leetle swan-necked beauty" annoyed me. Does that even sound like a compliment? Being compared to a swan is not very complimentary in my opinion), but I actually liked Lesley and Xemerius. The best parts was when Xemerius would insult Gideon, or Lesley would try and talk some sense into Gwen. That's why I like them.

So many things were horribly wrong with Sapphire Blue that I'm not even sure if I'm going to read Emerald Green. My reaction to this book was so different from my reaction of Ruby Red. Ruby Red, I really enjoyed and Sapphire Blue? It was so disappointing. I even created a new shelf just for this book. It's called "so very disappointing".

If you read and enjoyed Ruby Red, brace yourself for a terrible sequel (compared to the first book, anyway, although I have to admit I didn't completely hate Sapphire Blue. I just really, really disliked it).