Time Stops for No Mouse

Time Stops for No Mouse - Michael Hoeye, Dale Champlin Hermux Tantamoq is an average mouse who runs a watch shop. In the world of Time Stops For No Mouse, all the characters are animals and there are no people. Anyway, his ordinary life suddenly becomes a lot more interesting when a pilot named Linka Perflinger comes into his shop to have a watch fixed. He immediately falls in love with her. Later, a suspicious looking rat comes in and tries to claim the watch. Hermux is soon dragged into a puzzling mystery; a world of intrigue and secrets.

It sounded kind of interesting, which is why I read it. But, unfortunately, the first half is quite dull. All of these mundane descriptions about Hermux's daily life were so boring. I don't want to know what Hermux has for dinner! I want to get to the interesting stuff! Sure, the story has to start with a little bit of introduction and stuff, but the first half of Time Stops For No Mouse was SO, SO, SO boring!! It got interesting once the mystery started to pick up. I almost gave up in the first half, but I'm glad I didn't because the ending was so good!

So, the first half was very, very dull. Try to get through it though, because the second half is WAY better. The sequel is called The Sands of Time.