Just Listen

Just Listen - Sarah Dessen So I read this a few months ago, but only just now decided what I wanted to say about this book.

So, this gets three stars, which means I didn't have any strong feelings about it. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. And the main reason for this was because I didn't particularly like Annabel or Owen. What happened to Annabel was unfortunate and I felt bad for her. But I didn't connect with her and if I don't like the lead character, there's no way the book can be more than three stars. I also didn't really like Owen. He was sweet and a good friend to Annabel, but I didn't really like his character either. And I liked the friendship between Annabel and Owen, but I felt what little romance there was between them was forced and awkward. There's a scene where they kiss but that's really the only romance in the story. I think Sarah Dessen should have cut that kiss out of the story.This is more of a story about a girl finding friendship and moving on after she is sexually assaulted by her friend's boyfriend. It's not really a romance.

I did enjoy it, but there's nothing memorable about Just Listen. So I don't recommend it. Sarah Dessen has written other, better books like Someone Like You and the Truth About Forever that are worth a try.