Hate List

Hate List - Jennifer Brown Valerie Leftman used to date Nick Levil, the boy who shot six students at Garvin high school. Valerie was shot trying to stop him. Some see her as good, others as bad because she helped create the Hate List, a list of people she and Nick hated. He used this list to pick his targets. Valerie isn't even sure Herself whether she is good or bad. The story starts with a news article about the shooting, then goes to Valerie's first day of school. The shooting was in May. Valerie is trying to adjust to her new life, trying to get better and she has cope with the suspicion of others. The story is told in first person from Valerie's point of view. It goes back and forth between the present, flashbacks, and news articles about the shooting.

My thoughts: Wow. Hate List was a powerful and amazing book. I learned so much reading it. I learned about love and hate, about loss and healing. This book was just so amazing I cannot put it into words. It was very sad at some parts, but there was always a faint sense of happiness that grew stronger towards the end. I loved Hate List. Five stars. A new favorite.