Gotcha! Gotcha Back!

Gotcha! Gotcha Back! - Nancy E. Krulik, John & Wendy I used to love these books when I was in 3rd grade but I'm sure if I re-read it now I wouldn't like it nearly as much. Hence the two star rating. I also am pretty sure that I read more books out of this series, but I only remember this book and the first one. Anyway, in this Katie Kazoo adventure, she and her friend George (didn't he used to bully her? In the first book?) are pulling pranks on people at school. Just as George is being punished, Katie switches Into his body! So the dilemma is: how will Katie get out of this mess?

My thoughts: Overall (for the series in general) a pretty good series for kids ages 8-10. Anyone older might be seriously bored. That's why this book and the other book in this series is on my "coulda-been-better" shelf. Because since I am older now, it reflects my personal enjoyment now. I enjoyed it when I was younger though.