The Sweetest Thing

The Sweetest Thing - Barbara Freethy On the plus side, the writing was good. Barbara Freethy is a good writer. Also, most of the characters were good. I liked Jessie. If only the protagonist wasn't so annoying!

Faith is the main character, and I have to say she was so irksome. She was so needy and insecure. Sure, She had a rough childhood, bouncing around foster homes, because she was abandoned as a baby, but you'd think that that would have made her tougher, not weaker, right? I felt sorry for her, but she was just.... I don't know, she just irritated me. And also, she never stood up to the Porters. Nancy treated Faith like a child, and Faith never defended herself. It was annoying. I hate spineless heroines.

I guess it was ok. I did enjoy The Sweetest Thing more than Almost Home. Barbara Freethy's protagonists tend to irritate me, so I'm not sure if I will read anymore of her books. Maybe I will someday. But not today.