The Golden Lily

The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead Hmm... I have mixed feelings about this book.

There were things I didn't like. For one, I think Jill is kind of dumb. She's naive and stupid and I think that it was dumb of her to be modeling while in hiding. She should just stay away from Lia. Also, I thought the relationship with Brayden and Sydney was pointless. Brayden was socially awkward and clueless. That's the only way to describe him. And Sydney's dates with him are filler scenes and could have been cut from the story. In fact, besides the whole twist with the "Vampire hunters are real" thing, there is a lot of pointless action, and even the fight scene at the end wasn't too well written.

But I still like the writing, I like Sydney (even though she can be sort of irritating), and I hope that she and Adrian become a couple!!

It may sound like I had too many issues with this book, but I am still going to read the third book in the Bloodlines series.