Paranormalcy - Kiersten White Ok, so this was a hard book to rate. I was originally going to give it two stars, but I realized that it wasn't that bad. So I give it three stars.

I did enjoy some things. I liked Lend's character, and the friendship between him and Evie was cute. I must emphasize the word FRIENDSHIP, because the transition to romance was too fast and it felt strange. I liked their relationship when they were friends, but once they became lovers I didn't as much. Moving on! I liked the idea of paranormals and the IPCA keeping paranormals in check, but some things IPCA did I felt were unfair to the paranormals. So once paranormals are "tagged", they have to work for the IPCA? That's not fair! And I liked the writing. The pacing wasn't too fast or too slow, it went along at the perfect rate.

Now, my complaints. First of all, I didn't care much for Evie. Her weird habits (for example, she named her taser, she has an almost obsession with anything pink and she says "bleep" instead of actually swearing) were cute in the beginning, but got old really fast as the story went on. It's not that I disliked her, it's just that I didn't like her. If that makes any sense at all. Next, the villain was not scary at all. The idea of some random person/creature going around killing paranormal creatures was scary, but once the villain's identity was revealed, it ceased to be creepy or scary. It was actually kind of disappointing, mainly because I totally thought it was Reth behind everything. Speaking of Reth...... What was the point of his existence? I'm serious. He played no vital role in the story; if you cut his character out, the book would still have made sense and might have been better. Reth's only purpose is to freak Evie out by trying to steal her soul and "fill her" with his "warmth" (which, by the way, is the most bizarre thing I have ever heard). A lot of the scenes with Reth are filler scenes and ultimately unnecessary in the end.

I did enjoy PARTS of Paranormalcy, don't get me wrong. But others I didn't like and the complaints above lessened my enjoyment of the book. The good does outweigh the bad, so I give it three stars, and not two (like I was planning).